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Ulrich Werkmann's experience with major productions over a number of years was that the previous systems on the market were complicated and unreliable.

The risk was considerable that the dramatic highlight of an event would fail. This is why he developed a completely innovative principle – the MKSII system. This system was deployed for the first time in 2000 by Procon Company (world market leader in event technology hire) for its customer Buena Vista.

For a film premiere with a six-figure technical budget, the aim was to make sure that the highlight of the event would indeed be a highlight and not end up as a farce.

The system was a complete success. Since then it has been deployed on many occasions, successfully and to the complete satisfaction of our customers.
The MKSII system can only be obtained from us.

Werkmann Showsystems is the world's sole rights-holder, manufacturer and
distributor of the system.
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