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  Technical data:
Max. clamping
Tube diameter:
Maximum permissible
loading 51 kg
6 mm

1.5 kg
24 V
2.1 W
48-50 mm

The MKS II release device is the key unit in the kabuki system. At its centre is located the electromagnet with the associated holding plate. When voltage is applied the holding plate is pressed onto the magnet and holds the curtain as if in a clamp.
The individual release devices are connected with each other in series via the distribution box input and output. The distribution box also features a button for releasing the magnet. This means that an individual release device can be opened without interrupting the entire circuit.
The release device can be fastened to tubes with diameters of 48-50 mm by means of the aluminium clip.
As a result of the positive-engagement design, lateral or vertical tension
can be exerted on the release device.

All data and information is subject to changes in respect of design. (Status 06/03)

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