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  Loading-capacity test with a
tower truss element.

The innovative principle of the MKS II system opens up a lot areas of application. You can hang curtains under tension (e.g. to create a projection surface or for the 3-dimensional enclosure of objects).

No fasteners such as hooks, rings or strips are needed on the curtain. No technical aids or tools are required for installation.

The curtain will reliable fall because no mechanical forces are needed
to lower it.
The MKS II system has an emergency power supply which makes sure it will
operate even if there is a mains power failure.

Because there is no need of mechanical forces to drop the curtain it will fall exactly by release (switch off the button).

The MKS II system can be installed and dismantled by one person without any aid or tools required. To install a system with 10 release devices, including fastening the curtain, takes less than 30 minutes.

Only the curtain falls; no mechanical parts such as metal clips, magnetic
plates, hooks or rings are dropped. This ensures the greatest possible
safety for all involved.

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