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  Fasten the release device with the aluminium tube clip. The distance between the release devices is freely selectable to match the connection cable.

The only decisive criterion for this is how smoothly the curtain is to hang. The curtain hangs better and more smoothly with more release devices attached. (We recommend a spacing of 2.5-3m).
  Then the individual release devices are connected with each other in sequence.

In doing so, attention must be paid to the position of the lugs, plugs and sockets in relation to each other.
  The release devices are now connected with the power distribution unit. The outputs for this are on the rear side.
The figures below the outputs relate in each case to both outputs.
  The release devices are located on the front. As long as the protective cover is closed the circuits are closed and protected against inadvertent activation.

The green lights above indicate that the circuit is operating and they go out when the system is released.

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