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  One release device should first be tested with battery operation. Then the power supply should be connected to the mains network.
Before attaching the curtain the knurled bolt must be opened sufficiently.
  Then the curtain is held in the clamp at the lower end of the release device and presses the metal disc firmly against the magnet. This then holds the curtain firmly.
  Now the knurled nut must be tightened. It is not necessary to apply a great deal of force. As soon as a resistance can be clearly felt there is enough strength to hold the curtain.
  When clamping in the curtain it must be ensured that this does not jam the hinge by being inserted too high up in the clamp.
  If the release device is to be released again, this can be done using the button on the side of the housing. As long as the button is pressed the magnet is switched off.

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